Exercise: Treadmill 20 Mins (16 Min Run, 4 Min Power Walk), 15 Mins Cross Trainer, Back

Wow, that’s 4 days at the gym this week. I’m really getting my money’s worth, that’s for sure!

I was a little bit hesitant about running this morning. Not sure why. Maybe I just didn’t want the disappointment of my knee hurting. Anyway I did a bit of a walk to warm up, then started running very slowly. I was relieved to find that my knee wasn’t hurting at all. I stopped after 5 minutes of running to stretch the glute, then started running again. Unfortunately after another 10 minutes I did start to get a bit of a niggle, so I stopped straight away. Funny thing is that as soon as I slowed to a walk the niggle went away. There was also no pain when I hopped on the cross trainer……very frustrating!!

I put some Nurofen Gel on it when I got home and I’ve not had any pain since. I’m going to get the rolling pin out shortly and give it a go. It’s taken this long for the leg to stop hurting from when I saw CV on Monday.

Think the neighbours are having a party tonight. There’s two big marquees in their back yard and Hubby mentioned that he’d seen a spit roast being delivered. Just hope they’re not too noisy as our bedroom faces their back yard.

I got the brochure for next year’s Grape Grazing in the mail yesterday. Is anyone else going next year? Michelle and I went to the last one and we had a great time. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for lots of rain tomorrow….we so need it!!