Exercise: 30 mins Cross Trainer, Triceps, Situps

Back down the gym this morning. Whilst chugging along on the cross trainer, I was fantasising about running on the treadmills in front of me. And like Sue I was very jealous of the girls who were running on them. Not long now…Saturday I am going to go for a light run to see how the knee is shaping up.

I’ve been following CV’s stretching exercises, although my leg is still feeling very bruised from the session and I’m not going near my leg with the rolling pin until the soreness goes away. It’ll just hurt too much, I’m sure.

I’ve found another yummy Champagne….okay so we’re not allowed to call it Champagne any more, so it’s Sparkling Wine – it’s still yummy though.


This sparkling wine is a light straw colour and has lifted aromas of fresh passionfruit and melon. Zibibbo is bursting with bubbles and summer fruit flavours with a clean, stylish finish. This Sparkling will make any occasion a celebration.

I would say that it’s almost as good as Bella, and makes a nice change if ever I decide that I need one!!