Exercise: AM – Spin Class, PM – Netball Game

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Spin classes. The woman who takes the class is one of those thin sinewy women who doesn’t have an ounce of fat on them. I wonder what she does to achieve that look?

After reading Kathryn’s post about the woman who sat next to her with a cold in her spin class, I couldn’t believe my luck (or lack of!) when this very big german woman decided to use the bike next to me. Even before she’d gotten on the bike, the rancid smell of garlic wafted under my nose, followed closely by the even pukier smell of BO!! How fortunate was I when the bike handlebars wouldn’t adjust….phew!! The stench was so strong that even with her sitting 5 bikes away I could still smell it. I feel sorry for the two women who she sat in between though!

A pretty average Netball game tonight. We did win the game, but we stuffed up a few easy passes and probably could have won by more than we did. Looks like we will probably make the finals again.

Wasn’t it fantastic to have more daylight tonight. It was wonderful to get home and still be able to do things outside before it got dark. Have I told everyone how much I LOVE Daylight Savings!!